Henk Viëtor
DC4U (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)




Miguel López Venegas
DC4U Fellow

Project: “Antigen processing and presentation capacity of CLR-targeting multivalent glycoconjugates”



Arnaud Barbaria


Arnaud Barbaria
Former DC4U Fellow




DC4U is a life science company developing technologies that enable steering the human immune response. Our GlycoDCTM technology can either potentiate or suppress the immune system via specific targeting of dendritic cells by glycan modified antigen conjugates.

Antigen specific immunotherapeutics and -vaccines are considered as one of the most promising new developments in the search to cure cancer and induce tolerance in allergy patients. These therapies rehabilitate the immune system and prepare the human body to fight these diseases. Key factor in this biological process is the modulation of the immune response via dendritic cells (DCs). DCs play a central role in regulating the immune response and either switch on the immune response or actively dampen immune activation. A main challenge in the development of antigen based immunotherapeutics is to trigger these cells to elicit a potent, specific and durable tailor made immune response. Many clinical trials have failed in the past due to lack of such response.

DC4U developed its proprietary platform technology to effectively modulate the human immune response by specific targeting of DCs. The core of our technology is glycation of antigens to which we direct the immune response and recognition of the glycans by specific DC receptors. Optional antigens include tumor antigens, allergens, self-antigens and pathogen related antigens. Different glycans target different DC receptors, resulting in different DC processing, antigen presentation and antigen specific T-cell response. In this way we are able to direct the response to either immunity or tolerance induction.

This approach allows the development of effective anti-cancer vaccines as well as therapeutics aiming to fight allergies or auto-immune diseases. DC4U is offering the GlycoDCTM platform technology for licensing and partnering options to the food- and pharmaceutical industry, where it finds applications in:

  • Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines
  • Prophylactic Vaccines
  • Food Allergy Products
  • Allergy Therapeutics
  • Autoinmune Therapeutics
  • Inflammation Therapeutics
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