Ludovic Landemarre

GLYcoDIAG (Orléans, France)


Blanka Didak



Blanka Didak
GLYcoDIAG Fellow

Project: “Synthesis of neoglycoconjugates and glycomimetics clusters used for CLR lectins array development and validation”


GLYcoDiag is a French research company (SME) specialized in glycobiology and glycoanalysis projects and products. GLYcoDiag’s technology is intended for the determination of interaction profiles with lectins allowing to identify “glycans signatures” on the surface of molecules, cells or conversely, to study the interactions with carbohydrates binding proteins expressed by cells. The technology associated with others methods of structural analysis and the expertise of the company in the field of glycobiology, constitute a complete platform, suitable for the study of molecules, cells or the action of a glycosylated molecule in the biological recognition processes between lectins and glycans.

Application examples of the technology:

  • Analyse, identify and use glycans signature of your therapeutic recombinant glycoproteins for in-process reference sample comparison, batch to batch monitoring, glycoforms specific profiles or immunogen glycan detection.
  • Studies of glycome expression. Discover new biomarkers or study specific glycosylation signature of identified biomarkers (cells or soluble molecule).
  • Search and identify new glycosylated related drugs.
  • Glycoprofiling and analysis of glycobiological interactions of polysaccharides and exopolysaccharides or other complex carbohydrates.


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