Mario Salwiczek



Mario Salwiczek

GlycoUniverse (Dahlem, Germany)


Tanisha Gupta


Tanistha Gupta
GlycoUniverse Fellow

Project: “Synthesis of library of glycan and glycomimetics present on bacteria, fungi, plants and marine organisms”


GlycoUniverse started in order to deliver the tools needed to assist glycomics research and exploit the full potential of glycans.  GlycoUniverse GmbH & Co KGaA is a spin-off company of the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, a leading institute in glycoscience research. Our company, based in Berlin, Germany, was founded in October 2013 and will be providing customers with a range of products for the synthesis and study of glycans.  Our products will allow chemists to quickly access well-defined glycan structures for research in related fields.  Alternatively, as experts in the synthesis of complex carbohydrates, we are also capable of providing our customers with their structure(s) of interest.

The company’s core business will be focused in three main areas:

  • Providing an automated oligosaccharide synthesizer, the Glyconeer®, for sale worldwide
  • Manufacturing of monosaccharide building blocks, or synthetic intermediates as well as starting materials thereof, for both the solution and solid-phase synthesis of glycans.
  • The custom synthesis of both routine and complex carbohydrate structures.

This combination of services will provide researchers with new resources and capabilities that were previously not available to them.  Further development in the glycosciences will result in the procurement of more glycans, as well as an understanding of their function in biological processes.  This will subsequently speed up the advancement in other fields, such as research on carbohydrate-based vaccines that require access to well-defined carbohydrate structures and tools.

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