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Franck Fieschi

Membrane and Immunity Team (MIT)
Institut de Biologie Structurale
Université Grenoble Alpes (Grenoble, France)


Silvia Achili_0


Silvia Achili
UGA Fellow

Project: “Recombinant production of human C-type lectin: characterization of ligand binding profile, selectivity and structure of complex with ligands”


Many steps of cell/cell, host/pathogen interactions and cellular activation are required to access to the immune response. Those events require a broad range of membrane proteins that are often specific of a peculiar cell type. Those proteins of primary relevance to human health (pathogen receptors, chemokine receptors, adhesion molecules) constitute challenging projects for academic research but also for pharmaceutical applications. Our team is focused on two familly of membrane proteins involved in different steps of the immune response. The first family, the C-type Lectin Receptors family (CLRs) plays direct role, through glycan recognitions, in the pathogen sensing, their capture and subsequent immune regulation. The second family of protein studied in the lab are membrane enzymes involved in the first line of defense of the innate immune response. The NOX family of Nadph OXidase, whose historical member NOX2 is directly involved in the respiratory burst occurring during phagocytosis and responsible for the microbicidal activity of phagocytic cells.

Keywords: Glycobiology, Membrane protein, biophysical interactions studies, structural biology, recombinant protein production, drug design, pathogen recognition, HIV, electron transfert, oxidative stress.

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